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Magnesium Cream 4oz

Magnesium Cream 4oz

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Specially formulated anti-inflammatory cream with medical-grade magnesium sulfate. Blended with herbal extracts and castor wax which is rich in triglycerides and assists in healing several skin ailments in addition to shielding your skin from bacterial infections.

This beautiful cream blend includes pure Magnesium sulfate with castor wax to intensely nourish and hydrate the skin + restorative witch hazel and arnica
with a splash of gardenia to make the cream have a subtle but refreshing aroma.

MiracleMg Magnesium Cream is nature’s super cream and here is why.

Blended with Magnesium and Castor Wax with added benefits of:

  • Arnica - aids with bruising, swelling, pain, arthritis and injuries.
  • Witch Hazel - relieves inflammation, skin irritation, protects against skin damage, wards off infection.

  • Zeolite - eliminates toxins, heavy metals & carcinogens, alkalizes the body, strengthens immune system, aid healthy digestion

All our ingredients are 100% organic and natural.

NO Parabens
NO Synthetic fragrances or colors
Cruelty Free

Proudly American made and owned.

To Use: Thoroughly rub in a generous amount of MiracleMg Cream to areas of discomfort, swelling or pain. MiracleMg may be used with ice to reduce swollen tissue. Use MiracleMg as a part of your daily routine to promote a feeling of wellness and increased energy levels. Massage on the hands and feet. This may assist with sleep and restless legs.

 External use only.

Tip: Do not apply other lotions or moisturizers prior. Apply MiracleMg to clean skin for the best results.

Claims: This product is not intended to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose disease. 


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Customer Reviews

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I have degenerative disk disease. I am on my way to my 3rd surgery. When my pain is bad, I rub in Maricle mg and the pain immediately goes away for quite a while. Its effects are immediate. With me the pain is so severe I am unable to take deep breaths or walk straight up. This allows me to do that right away. It sure is a miracle. Thank you.

Conrad Cooper
Amazing is all I can say!

I have chronic back pain and stiff shoulders as a result of arthritis. Over the years I’ve tried many products that claim to provide relief and this is the only one that truly delivers on its promise.


I wanted to say that I’m not sure if it was the cream however. I’ve used it for two things so far. I got a migraine which I get them all the time on meds for it and i go to the ER often for them. Last night I showered, placed the Mg cream on my temples and jaw line, put on my frozen cap, and fell asleep. This morning I didn’t have a lingering headache or fog.

Also, I think I have an injury to my shoulder/rotator cuff, unsure what or where it came from. However, the pain causes insane tenseness in my rhomboids and it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Stretching hardly helps because of the direction I need to stretch. However, I had Scott rub it in and it seemed to decrease the amount of tension and resistance I was feeling.

Wanted to update you that so far based on my specific application that it seemed to comfort my symptoms. I’m enjoying it! After working with you and watching you grow supporting you was not a question in my mind. I could see where the price point could be problematic for others, and my self in the long run.