About Us

Meet Our CEO, Marsella Reyes

As the founder and CEO of MiracleMg, I want to take a moment to personally THANK YOU for your support & visiting our site and share some of the excitement I have about this new venture.

Born & raised in Dallas Texas, I spent my early adult years making decent money in the service industry, but felt unfulfilled. Surprisingly, my personal commitment to health & fitness seemed to fill that void and I decided I wanted to expand that commitment to help others reach their own health goals. So, in 2014 I relocated to the notoriously heath conscious state ofCalifornia to fulfill my dream.

Over years of practice in different training methods and clean eating habits, I became obsessed with the fitness industry and began working in commercial andboutique gyms, supplement shops, and countless Fitness Expos. This work evolved into my participation in multiple bodybuilding competitions that led to two bronze medals!

As a competitor, I realized how important rest & recovery were to reaching top 3 status, and found the same to be true for any successful training regimen. So, when I found this product, it quickly became a part of my daily routine contributing to my reduced inflammation, and found it helped with increasing/maintaining my energy levels, metabolism, and general well-being.

From that moment on, I knew this was something I had to share with all my friends, family, & supporters.

As studies consistently show the benefits of magnesium, they also highlight the potential for indigestion and toxicity concerns when consuming too much. So, here at MiracleMg, we utilize topical formulas to ensure minimal side effects and prevent the potential for overuse—so slap on as much as you want! I am so excited to share this incredible product, and hope that you too experience every benefit possible from this miracle mineral!
Sending love & light on your wellness journey,
Marsella Reyes

(This is a Better Body By Mars product.)



Meet Our Chemist, Warren Chambers! 

Warren is a 3x cancer survivor based out of Pennsylvania and owes a lot of his inflammation relief to topical magnesium! Read his story here of overcoming and how his magnesium formula came to his rescue multiple times.