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Medical Grade Formula.
Doctor Recommended.

Unlike your typical over the counter medication that only masks pain, Magnesium allows you to target an area for instant relief. Just rub in MiracleMg cream or soak in MiracleMg crystals to relax and feed your muscles. You can expect many of the following benefits but not limited to:

— Reduced muscle aches/pains
— Less spasms/cramping
— Reduced outbreaks of eczema & other skin conditions
— Better relaxation & stress management
— Enhanced immunity & metabolism
— Increased energy levels
— Improved nutrient absorption
— and so much more!

The road to recovery never felt so close!

Who is MiracleMg for?

Everyone needs magnesium—it plays an important role in the structure of the skeleton & muscles and is also found in molecules that help enzymes use ATP (an important “energy molecule” found in all life forms) to supply energy for chemical reactions in cells.

Use MiracleMg whenever, wherever without worrying about side effects or drug interactions allowing you to relax your whole body. Just like other wellness practices, MiracleMg works best when used regularly. Recommended for:

* before & after workouts to aid in quicker recovery from physical exertion

* day to day stress and travel

* post surgery after-care

* arthritis

* sleep deprivation

* and more…

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  • Absorption through the skin is faster and avoids the process of digestion
  • As it’s not passing through the digestive system, it's very unlikely to have any laxative effect
  • It's easier to adjust dosage with topical application 
  • There can be a tingle or itchy sensation (due to Mg deficiency or sensitive skin)
  • Topical magnesium may leave a reside behind (not MiracleMg!)


  • Convenient. Just a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in water or 1-3 tablets with a meal 
  • Availability – Easy to take whenever, wherever
  • Has a limit on intake creating a laxative effect when too much is taken
  • Its absorption may be missed due to passing through the system too quickly
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